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John Doyle on Canadian TV and Movie Financing
dewline wrote in cancontv
Apparently, news of the financing of the new Corner Gas movie set off a bit of a rant.

I'm not entirely certain that Mr. Doyle is anywhere near the borders of Wrong-landia on this point in particular:

The broad story of Canadian TV, as it is understood by many, is that the CBC gets about $1-billion from the public to fund its endeavours and commercial broadcasters get little or nothing while taking risks to deliver any Canadian content.

It ain’t so. The Corner Gas movie fandango underlines a point made by CBC president Hubert Lacroix recently. On CBC Radio’s As It Happens, he said, “There is no such thing as a private broadcaster in this country.” What he meant was his further assertion – which is that private broadcasters, “directly, indirectly, through subsidies and tax credits, get about $900-million to $1-billion, in all sorts of support, every year. That’s about the budget we, the CBC, have.”

An interesting point there, yes?


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